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Delay with keyboard response

If this template helps then use it. If not then just delete and start from scratch.

OS: Windows 8.1
PsychoPy version: 1.85.6

Hey Guys,
First I’d like to excuse myself for my english, I’m not used to post in forums, especially in english.
I have some problems when I execute my experiment:
I am using some moral dilemmas in which the participant chooses one of two options without right or wrong answers. For this, I created two blocks of moral dilemmas (A and B) that half the subjects will answer in the order A-B and B-A the other half (with 3 days between the blocks).

One problem I am having with the moral dilemmas happens when I run the experiment and press one of the letters (‘j’ and ‘k’). Some dilemmas can immediately be answered when pressing one of the letters, but other dilemmas seem to have some kind of delay when I press one of the letters to respond, making necessary to push the response key multiple times before it recognizes the answer and moving to the next dilemma.

I’ve already tried to increase the time of the keyboard response (to 0.1s and 1s) and the response still keeps taking too long. Also, it seems that it don’t have anything to do with a specific block (A or B) of dilemmas.

Any help would be great,

You need to show us the settings of your keyboard component (ideally a screenshot of that and of the timeline of all of the components in the routine).

Here are the keyboard properties

Here all the routine until now

I’m still going to divide the dilemmas in two experiments. Nevertheless, I excluded one of the dilemmas routine/loops and it still had the delay problem.

OK, those settings seem to be correct. Is it possible that the trial is actually ending correctly but that the text stimulus repeats the same information on the next trial. This might lead to no visible effect even though a trials has ended and new one begun.

i.e. maybe your loop dialog has a value set for the nReps field, so that content in the conditions file gets repeated?

A way to show this would be to inspect the data file and check the text value for each trial, and how many trials are being presented and ended. Alternatively, add another text stimulus with this content, set to update very repeat:


This will give additional on-screen feedback as to when trials end.

Not sure what that means?

Hey @Michael I kinda managed the problem by setting the text stimuli to start time at 0.1s

Now the problem is that the dilemmas are repeating after the first time is presented and responded, even if I set the loops nRep to 1.

Problem solved: I was using two blocks in the same excel file. What I did was to divide them into two excel files and now is working just fine.

Thank you for your previous help, @Michael

Best Regards