Data not saving / datafiles not found on Gitlab

URL of experiment: Tierspiele_Kinder_V2 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
We have been running an online study with child participants (also using Zoom simultaneously) for some months now and yesterday and today we had two occasions where incompleted datasets did not save properly. However, today I can see on the Experiment page that todays session is logged as the last run session:

So, my first question is: Can you somehow recover these incomplete datasets for us? And how do we ensure that the incomplete datasets are really saved going forwards?

Today before quitting the session we also encountered this error message three times:
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘getLastResetTime’).
Each time we could click Ok and then the experiment continued for around 10 minutes and then it appeared again (on different screens).
My second question is: Does this error message have anything to do with the failure to save datasets? And what can / should we do about it?

I would really appreciate a quick response as it is school holidays over here (Germany) this week so we have a lot of sessions booked in!

Big thanks,

I meet the same problem with you, but when I use another laptop to do the task, data was saved. So I am not sure where the problem is. Sometimes data can be saved, but sometimes not.

The error message does seem to be connected.

When the error appears does the Thank you for your patience message still come up with no data?

I suspect the issue is a conflict with Zoom but I’m not sure