Data from aborted attempts not being stored despite enabling "Save incomplete results"

My experiment has logged 27 completed attempts and 16 aborted. I have enabled the option for “Save incomplete data” but the files for aborted attempts are not being saved. I know from participants emailing me that they are completing the task but exiting the window on the last slide without executing the command to end the task (i.e., “Press any key to end the game”). So several participants who are registering as aborted really have complete data except that they exited the window one keystroke too early. Can you please provide instruction about how to retrieve the aborted data? Again, it should be saving because I have enabled the “save incomplete results” function on the experiment homepage, but these files are not appearing in the repository.

I forgot to note that this experiment was built in PsychoPy but is being run in Pavlovia.

I’m afraid that if the data isn’t in your data folder, it’s not available. When “store incomplete data” is enabled, PsychoJS does attempt to store data collected so far, but it isn’t guaranteed that this will work; it’s only guaranteed when participants completed to the end and get to see the message “Thank you for your patience”