Data file has all trials duplicated? (Pavlovia)

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Description of the problem:
I have been running partial analyses on my experiment throughout the data collection period using a python file. Today I went to run it with an updated data folder and got a whole bunch of errors. I inspected the CSV files and found they were all double the size they used to be. Looking at the actual files, I saw that the entire file had been duplicated within itself. That is, it has all the regular input - each trial etc. but then below it, it starts over again with the information from above duplicated. This is causing issues for my python code.
I don’t know why this has suddenly happened, I ran an analysis just a few days ago and my files weren’t like this. No changes to the source code have been made either. Has anyone else ran into their CSV files being duplicated? I would love to know how to fix this short of going through each file and deleting 500+ lines in the CSV.