Cursor location is wrong on Retina display

OS: OS Mojave 10.14.1 (macBook Pro Retina)
PsychoPy version: 3.0.1
Standard Standalone? (y/n): yes!

I am designing a simple experiment where I present some simple visual stimuli and then ask participants to rate them using a slider. Everything works well, but when I use the slider, the marker, that is supposed to appear when you are clicking on the slider, appears at the wrong place. I’ve tried changing the experimental units (I am using degrees usually) - it didn’t help. I attached a screenshot of the run of a simple test program, that contains only the slider. Hopefully, it demonstrates the problem well. The screenshot is taken when I am clicking. The only “correct” location is happening at the (0,0) coordinates - in the middle of the screen. Everything else seems to be proportionally farther - the more I move the cursor from the center, the more the difference between the actual location and the red marker becomes.
At the moment I found only one solution - the problem disappears when I am connecting and using the second monitor (and set its parameters in the monitor center). But quite often I work on the design using only macBook’s display and having this problem complicates things.
I would appreciate any advice on that matter! Thank you!

Hi Natalia,

Did you get a fix for this? I’m encountering the same issue

similar iusse!

Similar issue! Using Psychopy 2022.1.1 on Mojave 10.14.6 on iMac Retina. If anyone has fixed this, I’d love to know how!

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