Creating rotating rings

Hi all,

I have uploaded a screenshot of what I am trying to achieve.

I am new to coding and am creating an experiment for my PhD so any tips would be much appreciated. I am trying to code 3 concentric green rings (largest 6.5°, middle, 4.5° degrees and smallest 2.5°) with 4 dots spaced equidistantly (see image). These dots are smallest on the innermost ring (0.32°), larger on the middle ring (0.41°) and largest on the outermost ring (0.52°) The rings need to rotate continuously (not jittered), alternating between a clockwise and anticlockwise rotation every 1 minute. On 20% of total trials one of the dots will increase in luminance (from 0, 100,0 to 0.140,0 RGB for 300m/s. Each dot will be equally likely to become illuminated.

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 09.39.47

How far have you got?

This can be achieved using polygons and updating their coordinates every frame.

Would you like to commission the PsychoPy science team to create it for you or would you like to do it yourself and ask for more specific help when you get stuck?