Concentric rings using RadialStim


I’m trying to create a stimulus that are concentric rings; I’m planning to have these drift as expanding or contracting rings by changing the radial phase. Right now I can successfully use RadialStim to make a windmill type of stimulus (spokes) by setting the angularCycles and angularPhase. However, setting radialCycles and radialPhase don’t actually do anything for me, so I’m not sure what the problem is. This is the code I was hoping would work. Also, do I just set angularCycles to 0 in order to get a concentric ring stimulus? Any help would be much appreciated.

stimulus = visual.RadialStim(
win = win,
texRes = 256,
tex  = 'sin',
radialCycles = 4,
radialPhase = 0,
color = [1,1,1],
contrast = 1,
pos = (0,0)

It could just be that it needs an update after setting angularCycles and angularPhase - after you set these, try calling stimulus.draw() and, if that doesn’t work, stimulus._updateEverything().

I tried your suggestions, neither is doing the trick. It draws a stimulus it’s just that it’s a uniform intensity of 0.5. I’ve seen others suggest making a grating texture via visual.filters.makeGrating and displaying that through RadialStim with an orientation of 90°, but for me it still draws it like spokes on a wheel.