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Creating multiple run fmri study while accounting for jitter

I am trying to create a multi run fMRI experiment that has a total of 5 runs with a 2 minute break in between each run.
There will be 60 stimuli. For each run I will present 12 of the 60 stimuli.

The timing for each set of stimuli will go like this
1. Stimuli 26 seconds
2. Fixation cross that is jittered between 2-6 seconds
3. Question that stays on screen for 6 seconds
4. Fixation cross that is jittered between 2-6 seconds

This process will repeat 11 more times then the run will end and then the participant will have a 2 minute break.

How do I make it so that the scanning can stop after 12 stimuli then start it once again when the break is over? Also, is there anything I need to do to make the scanning procedure account for the random jitter? Is this possible in builder or only in the code view?

This is first and foremost a question of fMRI study design: you’re putting the cart before the horse, worrying about how to implement the procedure in software before having worked out the constraints imposed by working with fMRI. Start with that design process first, and seek advice as required, before worrying about implementing it in software. e.g. Nowhere above have you mentioned the TR of your scanning protocol.

Whatever procedure you come up with can be implemented in PsychoPy, but I think you have some basic issues to resolve first in the design of your procedure and should really seek some advice from a supervisor or knowledgable colleague before proceeding.

Sorry I forgot to add my TR is 2.