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Creating clickable text alternatives


I see, so one thing to do (which I did) would be to randomise location and always have your correct response in the same column, but that would require a lot of changes in your experiment, so see if @dvbridges can help, especially because that’s a messy solution.
Looking at your files though (and I’m quite new to psychopy so might be wrong here), have you tried to change the code to:

if mouse.isPressedIn(eval(corAns)):
    thisExp.addData('responseAcc', '1')
    thisExp.addData('responseAcc', '0')

as in, referring to your correct answer column directly?


@Bruno_Dalpiaz, the problem was that trial handler is called RMET_loop, whereas in my example it was called thisExp. So, change the code to the following in the End Routine tab, and it will (should) work:

RMET_loop.addData('responseAcc', corr)

See example data attached _untitled_2018_Mar_09_1603.xlsx (12.1 KB)


Now it’s working great! Thank you so much, @dvbridges. It had to be something that simple, now I feel a little silly because of that lol. I really appreciate the time you spend helping me, now I understand better the software and willing to learn more.

Thanks @agata for the tips too.

keep the awesome work.

Best Regards