Creating a shortcut to start a PsychoPy experiment program

Hello everyone, we are implementing a two-section experiment in PsychoPy, and we found it hard to implement an easy way to open the experiment file. It will be great if any folk here know how to do it, and I’m illustrating below in more details.

The experiment is composed of two parts: 1.presession and 2.experiment
Now we need to start either part manually by running the code shown in the picture (and changing run_presession and run_experiment values every time):

However, running it manually like this wouldn’t work in our actual study with the participants (it causes experimenter error etc). So it’s essential to create an easy way for the participants to start the program, for example: two .exe files that they can click and directly start presession or experiment.

We would also like to do paid consultancy if necessary!

Thanks a lot.