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Counterbalancing design

Hi I am using psychopy 3 in MacBook Air. I want to create a moving window self-paced reading task. Basically each word is shown on the screen at one time, and the other will show and replace the previous one with pressing the space bar. So far I have managed to create this task. However, I am wrapping my head around creating counterbalanced lists. Namely there will be 4 sentence conditions for each target. I want each participant to read only one of the four conditions for each target. How can I achieve this? My condition file contains four columns: Sentence/followUp/Question/CorrAns. I have also attached the screenshot of my builder. Thanking you in anticipation!!

[IMG_4882%202|666x500](upload://3IttMAMp3IMG_4882%202 CnLaDUUoxRYxUQc7kf.jpeg)

Hello Shawna, I’ve re-posted this in its own topic. Please don’t post the same question multiple times (I’ve deleted the others so that all attention goes to the same place).