Counterbalance for Psychopy

Hi all,

I’m new to PsychoPy and coding in general. I’d like to ask some questions that enable counterbalance for my experiment.

In brief, I have four counterbalance groups (V1, V2, V3, V4). Each counterbalance has a study and a test file (e.g., V1_study and V1_test). I want to randomly assign participants to one of the four counterbalance groups. I tried the method I found online to set up an Excel file that has two columns (study and test), in which contain their corresponding files, and set it as an outer loop. However, when I ran the experiment, it seemed that the experiment kept running when finished one counterbrlance group. I made this judgment because the study phase should be relatively short but the experiment kept going.

Would anyone kindly offer some suggestions to achieve this counterbalancing?

Thanks in advance!