Correct/incorrect feedback using images


First, you should define the correct answer and the image path in every row cause Psychopy reads the rows one by one.
Equations.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Then, go to key_resp component > Data > Store correct > add: $corr_response (the variable name the same as the new excel file above)

Then, add a new routine (HappyImage) within the same loop with the MainTask routine. Add an image component with path $Happy_Faces
Then add a custom code component. Write under Begin Routine (or Each Frame?):

if (key_resp.corr == 0):
    continueRoutine = False #will skip this routine if the answer is incorrect

Then add another routine repeat the same for the disgust. Add a routine in the same loop and add image and code components.

untitled.psyexp (5.8 KB)

Someone can correct me if I am mistaken.