Copying prolific url on psychopy online tab


I know that the final step for me to take my study from psychopy builder/pavlovia to prolific is to add the prolific url in my psychopy builder online tab. Do i need to re-sync after that or simply adding the url is fine?

Thank you

Everytime you make changes you need to re-sync builder with pavlovia. This includes changes to your redirect links in the online tab.

Thank you for your reply. Sometimes when i press the sync button on psychopy builder even though it tells me that sync has been successful, when I run the study again on pavlovia I do not see the changes i made so this means in has not synched properly. Do i need to do anything else to synch changes apart from pressing the synch button?

Sometimes you need to clear your browser cache (be careful not to delete your history!).

It also helps to sometimes set your experiment from pilot/running to inactive and back to pilot/running. It makes sure your most recent one is loaded.

Via your experiment page on Pavlovia, you can also click “view code”, which take you Gitlab where you can see when the repositry was last updated. I sometimes have issues where my syncs occur on my PC but are not recorded on the server if I have left Psychopy open for several hours (like 8 hours afk). Reopening psychoPY fixes those sync errors.