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Converting a coder script to run on Pavlovia


I am an experienced PsychoPyer but have only ever used the coder and now new to this forum.

Given the need to move to on-line testing how easy is it to take one of my coded experiments and put it on Pavolvia.

Do I have to import into the Builder?

I am sorry if this had been asked and answered before but I cannot find a simple answer to this anywhere.

Best and thanks
Philip Quinlan, York.

Yes, I’m afraid you should create your studies afresh in Builder, but it’s generally pretty easy to do. Code snippets will be needed when you do things that are a bit out-of-the-ordinary but on the whole you’ll get most stuff up and running in no time just with the graphical components. Feel free to compoile the study to a script for a quick look but resist the urge to start running from there.
With minimal Python code to convert, relatively simple code (without python libs) will auto-translate for you (in version 2020.1) and you should be running online in no time