Convert mouse click coordinates (spatial unit) from "height" to "norm"

OS: MacOS Ventura 13.4.1 (22F82)
PsychoPy version: v2023.2.2
Standard Standalone: yes? not sure what this means
What are you trying to achieve?: To get my mouse element saved click coordinates to be in normalised values instead of dependent on screen aspect ratio (spatial units = “height”).


I am trying to get my various coordinate systems/“spatial unit” systems to align.

In my experiment settings I have set the default to “norm” (cordinates range from -1 to 1 in both axes, a 1:1 aspect ratio). This applies to my elements on screen etc.

But my saved mouse click coordinates are (seemingly) set to “height” meaning that depending on my aspect ratio the x-axis coordinates will have various ranges, e.g., on my current 16:9 aspect ratio display the range is ±0.888889.

I would like to access the mouse click parameters so that I can set them to the same spatial unit as my elements on screen, but not sure how I can do that.

(I am also collecting gaze position coordinates, in pixels, which I normalise in post, using the screen dimensions I collect with psychoJS.window.size, but doing the same for the mouse click coordinates is proving challenging for some reason).

Let me know if you need more context/info.
Thanks a lot