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Bug with experiment settings "deg" units and mouse click or is it just me?

Display: 13-inch Retina display
PsychoPy version: Builder v. 3.1.5


I am trying to create a simple experiment where the participant needs to click boxes to give responses. I am having trouble with the area that is clickable though. Specifically, when I go into the Builder’s experiment settings->screen and select “deg” for units, something seems to happen to how PsychoPy tries to detect valid clicks. If I create a triangle polygon and try to click it at runtime, I must click close to the centre of the triangle (i. e. clicking close to the edges of the triangle doesn’t work) for the click to register as valid, continuing the experiment. If however I change the units setting for the experiment to “height”, everything works fine.

Even if I specify for the polygon shape object itself that it should use “deg” units (rather than inheriting the experiment settings’ units), the clicking works as expected when the experiment settings’ units are set to “height”, but not when they are set to “deg”. I’ll link to .py file code below, I’d appreciate it if someone could check if the issue can be replicated or if it’s isolated to my setup. I looked through the generated code in detail but I couldn’t find any other difference than the units specification in the visual.Window function call.

Working code (units = “height”):

Faulty code (units = “deg”):

(note that you have to change the monitor dimensions to whatever is appropriate for you if you want to run the code)

Hi @Arboc,
I just tried both versions and everything works fine for me.

Thanks for trying it out. I guess then there’s something about my setup that makes things odd. I’ll try tweaking the settings and maybe reinstalling PsychoPy to see if the problem goes away. Cheers!