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Configuring Ubuntu for optimal PsychoPy performance

I am trying to set up my Ubuntu 18.04 machine so that all settings are optimal for PsychoPy. In the PsychToolBox documentation (see references below), there are several recommendations on how to do a “good setup”. These recommendations involve

  • using a “minimal” window manager such as XCFE (install via sudo apt install xfce4 and then select during log in)
  • using the lowlatency kernel (install via sudo apt-get install linux-lowlatency and then select during boot)

I don’t see recommendations into these directions for PsychoPy (except those that are standard, like unplug the Ethernet cable, …). Did I miss something, or did nobody ever try this?

I know about the Comparion between operating systems, however, these are a bit outdated. It would be nice to have some “benchmark scripts” that everybody can run on their machine and then compare with the results reported for “optimal settings” for a given OS.

What are your opinions on this?


Try from the PsychoPy “Tools” menu selecting “Benchmark wizard” (although I must admit that this doesn’t seem to be working for me at the moment…)

I think maybe those results once got transmitted centrally to be displayed at but that link appears to be dead.

Thanks for the reply - apart from the fact that this does not work right now, it seems promising! … although this seems to be a GUI feature as well? Do you know about a coding alternative?