Randomize images without replacement

Hi I am making an experiment where a participant will see two images, then select one by pressing “left” or "right, which will then display a value specific to the image chosen by the keyboard. I have got this part down so far, but I am having trouble with the next part I’m trying to conquer…

I don’t want an image to appear again that a participant has selected (by pressing left or right) but still want the other images to be randomly displayed for the remaining part of the trial. Can anyone help me with this?

Finally, for the last trial I would like the images to be displayed exactly in the order they were displayed in the first trial (the same pairs at the same time), I’m not sure how to tackle this part because I wouldn’t know the order and pairs beforehand as they would be random.

I have attached a simplified version of the first part of my experiment.

This is my excel file:

Another12.psyexp (40.3 KB)