Can psychopy do this Radial sine grating stimulation?

can psychoy do this Radial sine grating stimulation?

Certainly. We haven’t actually added RadialStim to the Builder but it’s accessible using code (e.g. via a Code Component)

Here’s a demo script:

from psychopy import visual, event, core

win = visual.Window([800, 800])
globalClock = core.Clock()

# Make two wedges (in opposite contrast) and alternate them for flashing
radialGrating = visual.RadialStim(win, tex='sinXsin', color=1, size=1,
    visibleWedge=[0, 360], radialCycles=4, angularCycles=0,
    autoLog=False)  # this stim changes too much for autologging to be useful

t = 0
contractRate = 0.01  # cycles per sec
while not event.getKeys():
    t = globalClock.getTime()
    radialGrating.radialPhase -= contractRate


thank you so much~