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Compiling psychopy HTML to electron?

“Madness!” you say. But stick with me here. We’re building a system to rate video in real-time. The videos are long (20 minutes) so using MovieStim is, unfortunately, not working well — I think Psychopy is trying to load the entire audio stream into memory for some reason and it gets… very weird.

But… Chrome is great at video, and I can export a psychopy task to HTML and run it on the web! Sounds perfect, except in this case we don’t want to put the videos online, but rather keep them on the local machine.

What I’m going to do for this project is write a totally bespoke Electron app, but I got to thinking: There are probably going to be a bunch of places where I’d like the convenience of Psychopy’s Builder, but still use html5 technology.

Would taking the generated html5 thing and converting it into an electron app be pretty easy? I’d mainly need to handle the data recording end of things, I suspect…