Come back to Builder view

Hi there!

After building my experiment in the Builder, I had to work on the Coder view to add a component. Now I need to come back to Builder view but it seems I can’t on my MacBook. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Moving from Builder to Coder is a one-way street and is definitely not recommended if you want to, for example, put your study online. However, you should be able to add your code into a new code component of your last saved Builder version.

Thank you very much for your reply! It worked; I managed to use a previous version in the Builder and add the code!!

I have an issue now with the collection of responses. In the data folder I find only a csv with 5 lines and it stores the responses for each routine in the experiment (intro message, instructions text…), but only for 1 image out of 45. How is it possible?

I was wondering how to collect the 45 responses for each stimulus in one csv. Can you help me with that?



Do you want them next to each other or below each other? If the latter then if you are using a loop you probably just need to tick ‘is trials’. If you aren’t using a loop then you can force a new line in the data file using thisExp.nextEntry()

Many many thanks Wakecarter!! I got the responses perfectly!

I am wondering why I still have the first 5 lines that regard the rest of the simulus and if I can rid out of them.

And let me ask you, now I got a .csv for one participant saved in my local folder but when the experiment will be run online, will I have to download a .csv for each participant and merge all of them or there is an option to get the responses of all participants for each stimulus, listed one below the other, in one file?


If, for example, you don’t want the response to key_resp_3 then you can select none in the component.

For online data collection I switch to “database” when gathering live data. This puts all of the data into a single csv file which you can only access by clicking on download data from the project page.