Messy output file


I am creating a visual search task on Builder which I am to run online. I notice that at the moment, the output file that is created when I run the experiment is quite messy. Can I edit that from the coder interface in the Builder (i.e. coder view version of my experiment) or do I have to find a way to edit it from the builder view. If I make any changes in the coder view will they get updated in the builder view as well such that when I translate it to JS they will be automatically translated?

Thank you in advance

No. Editing the generated code is a one-way process.

If you want to add custom code via the Builder interface, you must do it via a code component: inserted from the “custom” component panel. This is much easier than attempting to edit an entire script.

Thank you for your reply. I also have another question.

In my experiment, I have added with a code component (in begin experiment option) the following positions:

pos = [(0.153073329, 0.369551813),(0.369551813, 0.153073329),
(0.369551813, -0.153073329),(0.153073329, -0.369551813),
(-0.153073329, -0.369551813), (-0.369551813, -0.153073329),
(-0.369551813, 0.153073329), (-0.153073329, 0.369551813)]

and then in the begin routine I have shuffled these positions around:


such that the 8 different items can be presented randomly in the 8 different screen locations on each trial. When I added the image stimulus for each of these items in the pos option of target properties i have put the following:

(pos[0][0], pos[0][1]) until (pos[7][0], pos[7][1]) for the position of all 8 items.

I want these positions to appear in the output file. So I want to know in which of the 8 locations each target appeared on each trial.

How can I do that? Do i have to insert another code component somewhere?

Thank you in advance

You can save information using thisExp.addData(‘Column name’,varName)

Thank you for your reply.

Does that mean that I should create 8 of:
thisExp.addData(‘Column name’,varName)

so that there will be 1 for each target? In the ‘varName’ I should put:

(pos[0][0], pos[0][1])?

Should I put this in the begin experiment option or in the begin routine option of the coder interface?

Thank you

If you are saving trial-by-trial you will probably want that in the “Begin routine” tab