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Coding Keypress for Pause Function

Hello, I am trying to link a keypress to a pause/play function using coding so that it would get recorded with timestamps in the output. I would like that whenever someone presses ‘p’, a movie stimulus then pauses or continues playing related to its current status. Although the pause/play function worked (in a past version of the coding below), the timestamps for those keypress were never recorded in the output files nor the movie statuses. I would like to make it so that the keypresses for p are recorded.

I feel like this coding below is getting me close to what I want, but it has crashed my system. Once I press pause, everything stops advancing and I have to escape.

moviekey is a keyboard component put in through builder and the allowed keys are ‘y’ and ‘p’.

I think that having the ‘p’ key in two places: coding and in a keyboard component is what is messing with system. I don’t know how to exactly fix that so any help would be great!

from psychopy.constants import (PLAYING, PAUSED)

# Check for action keys.....
for key in moviekey.keys:
    if key in ['p']:
        if mov.status == PLAYING:
            if mov.status == PAUSED:

The indentation on the if mov.status == PAUSED: section appears to be wrong.

When you call mov.pause() the movie will be set to paued, meaning that the last if statment resolved to true, immediatly un-pausing the movie again.

I don’t think this causes the crash you mentioned, but still might be helpful