Coding a 'beep' for incorrect trials but there is no sound (not sure if coding is correct)

PsychoPy version 3

So I’m trying to code a beep for incorrect responses to trial types and there is no sound present but when I end my experiment I can see it starts and stops the sound.

Hi @Rachel_Veens,

How are you using the variable loudness?


Thank you for the reply,

The feedback for my experiment is supposed to be that there is a beep present when the person gets an incorrect response only. So, I just figured that if I set loudness to one for the incorrect response and set it to zero for the correct response then it would beep for only incorrect but it’s not making any noise at all

Would you mind sharing your .psyexp file so that I can take a quick look?



FinalAssignmentData.psyexp (55.6 KB)
I’ve tried something different with the code since I originally posted. This is an assignment for one of my classes, and it’s due on Sunday, so I’ve been trying everything.
But I very much appreciate your help.