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Coder Output outputs frame-by-frame experiment log

Hello everyone,

I’m using the Coder on Windows 10, Psychopy v1.90.1.

I’ve had to format my laptop and now something strange happens with a program I had coded before formatting: basically after the experiment finishes running and the experiment window closes itself, the coder Output window begins printing a frame-by-frame output log of pretty much everything that happened in the experiment. This takes a VERY long time and makes psychopy unresponsive, so that I need to manually stop (ctrl + .) it.

I’m pasting below a few lines of the output as an example. This was not happening before I formatted… Does anyone know what’s going on?

Running: C:\Users\User\PsychoPy\

3.6902 INFO Loaded SoundDevice with PortAudio V19.6.0-devel, revision 396fe4b6699ae929d3a685b3ef8a7e97396139a4
3.6904 INFO sound is using audioLib: sounddevice
3.8094 WARNING Monitor specification not found. Creating a temporary one…
4.7295 EXP Created window1 = Window(allowGUI=True, allowStencil=False, args=UNKNOWN, autoLog=True, bitsMode=UNKNOWN, blendMode=‘avg’, color=array([ 0., 0., 0.]), colorSpace=‘rgb’, fullscr=UNKNOWN, gamma=None, kwargs=UNKNOWN, lms=UNKNOWN, monitor=<psychopy.monitors.calibTools.Monitor object at 0x1EFAB830>, multiSample=False, name=‘window1’, numSamples=2, pos=[290, 10], screen=0, size=array([700, 700]), stereo=False, units=u’norm’, useFBO=False, useRetina=False, viewOri=0.0, viewPos=None, viewScale=None, waitBlanking=True, winType=u’pyglet’)
4.7451 EXP Created boundArea = Circle(autoDraw=False, autoLog=True, closeShape=True, contrast=1.0, depth=0, fillColor=None, fillColorSpace=‘rgb’, fillRGB=None, interpolate=True, lineColor=array([-1., -1., -1.]), lineColorSpace=‘rgb’, lineRGB=array([-1., -1., -1.]), lineWidth=2, name=‘boundArea’, opacity=1.0, ori=array(0.0), pos=array([ 0., 0.]), size=array([ 1., 1.]), units=‘pix’, vertices=ndarray(…), win=Window(…))
4.7542 EXP Created unnamed CustomMouse = CustomMouse(autoLog=True, bottomLimit=-0.98, clickOnUp=False, leftLimit=-1, name=‘unnamed CustomMouse’, newPos=UNKNOWN, pointer=ImageStim(…), rightLimit=0.99, showLimitBox=False, topLimit=1, visible=True, win=Window(…))
4.8294 EXP Created unnamed ImageStim = ImageStim(autoLog=True, color=array([ 1., 1., 1.]), colorSpace=‘rgb’, contrast=1.0, depth=0, flipHoriz=False, flipVert=False, image=‘img.png’, interpolate=False, mask=None, maskParams=None, name=‘unnamed ImageStim’, opacity=1.0, ori=0.0, pos=array([ 0., 0.]), size=array([ 0.12, 0.12]), texRes=128, units=u’norm’, win=Window(…))

I think I managed to understand what’s happening, it’s as if the console logging level is set by default to DEBUG. Manually changing this at the beginning of the script by importing ‘logging’ from ‘psychopy’ and then setting it to logging.console.setLevel(logging.ERROR) seems to fix the issue.

Still not sure why that would be the case though, was it a change in v1.90.1?