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Circles losing pixels, magnified upon enlarging

I’ve tried changing my vertices and window modes but to no avail. Not sure what causes this. Maybe something on the GUI end?

Do you get the same thing when you use fewer vertices (e.g. 36 or 72)?

I’ve experienced this but I can’t now remember what I did.

Gone down to 36 and up to 800. Around 57 vertices I see the lines become more discrete rather than the rather scattered ones you see in the images. That’s about it, unfortunately.

New suggestion.

It could be an issue with the borders. How about trying two solid circles with no border: a smaller grey one on top of a larger white one.

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Its hard to replicate this on a Mac with a retina screen.

But perhaps go to the “advanced” tab. What setting is applied for “Interpolate”? Try playing with that.

wakecarter’s suggestion seems to be the only one that works, unfortunately. I played around with interpolation and saw no difference. Bummer that the fix is fairly complicated! Thanks for the help, nonetheless.