Frame rate is delayed on my mac

While trying to display my stimuli according to the duration of the frames (120 frames i. e. stimuli that should normally last 2s for my Macbook 60 Hz screen), I noticed that on my 15-inch Macbook pro 2017 screen, my stimuli were displayed after 3.4s. When trying with my external 60Hz screen as well, the stimuli were well displayed at 2s.

Would you mind sending the python script you are using to test this? I have a 13" macbookpro that I’d like to try this on. Thank you.


Sure thing! Here is a sample of the task: - Google Drive

Note that I am using a joystick that is created in the code component, you may need to change it to a keyboard.

What is the resolution of the external monitor being used vs the builtin retina display? I’m wondering if, when using the builtin retina display, drawing/updating the screen is sometimes taking > 1 retrace, making drawing 120 frames take > 120*retrace_interval seconds.


Thank you sol for your explanations.
Ok, so my retina is 15.4 inch with a resolution of 2880 x 1800
And my BENQ G2220HD Display is 21.5 inch with a resolution of 1920 x 1080