Changing the screen size for different procedures

Is it possible to change the screen size for different procedures? Like I would like to have a full screen for some procedures and a smaller screen size for others because I need the experimenter to look at something else in the remain part of the screen. Is it possible? Thanks

Changing the size of the existing screen can be difficult, but you could achieve what you want to do by creating a new window (win2 = visual.Window(size=(what, ever), full screen=False)), you’d just have to be mindful to create and draw the stimuli in this window via code components if you’re using Builder

Thank you for your answer I might be doing something wrong but the code as it is is not working…init() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘fullscreen’
I have added this code at the beginning of the routine. What am I doing wrong?
I also found this code that might be doing what I want, but I would like to change the minimized screen to a size that incorporates my stimuli (now it just minimizes to a fixed size at the center of the screen). Do you know how to change it? Thank you


The parameter name should be fullscr rather than fullscreen.