Changing slider orientation

OS: Mac 11.5
PsychoPy version: 2021.2.2
Standard Standalone? Y
What are you trying to achieve?: Trying to change the orientation of a radio button slider from horizontal to vertical.

What did you try to make it work?: In builder, tried changing Orientation on the layout tab, but no matter what value I put there, the orientation of the slider and its labels remain the same.

radio = visual.Slider(win=win, name=‘radio’,
startValue=None, size=(0.05, 0.02), pos=(0.65, 0), units=None,
labels=(“Hor”,“Ver”,“Dia”), ticks=(1, 2, 3), granularity=1.0,
style=‘radio’, styleTweaks=(), opacity=None,
color=‘White’, fillColor=‘Black’, borderColor=‘White’, colorSpace=‘rgb’,
font=‘Open Sans’, labelHeight=0.015,
flip=False, depth=-4, readOnly=False)

If you set the size to be higher than it is wide you’ll get a vertical Slider

Full documentation is here:

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