Changes not saved in PsychoPy Coder

I am trying taking some edits (for ease, l have entered some random types in the first row at the top of the code as you could see) in PsychoPy Coder but after confitmig the message asking to save change, changes are not saved.

Could anyone suggest what this might depend on?

This is an experiment constructed in the builder. So, every time you save it in the builder, the python script is re-generated, and that will overwrite any changes you have made.

If you want to add code to a builder experiment that sticks, you need to use a code component in the builder or, once you modify the script, you can never open it in the builder again. Is there a reason code components don’t work?

If you want to just code an experiment from scratch, open a new file in the coder, and you don’t need to interact with the builder at all.

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