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Change Unicode from horizontal alignment to vertical

Hello. We are trying to present a set of arrows in a vertical alignment. When the format for cases in the spreadsheet are reset to vertical and then import the spreadsheet to the builder I get:


AttributeError: ‘unicode’ object has no attribute ‘setText’

(the attribute in the spreadsheet for the experiment is called pointer)

It would be of much value if this could be explained why unicode format does not change when imported from spreadsheet?

Hello Juan, this error means that “pointer” is an object of type unicode (basically a string, like “hello” or “púchica”).

I’m assuming you don’t want “pointer” to be a unicode object, is it an image (ImageStim)? It would be a good idea to post some relevant code (if you’re coding it yourself) or screenshots (if you’re using the builder) here so we know what went wrong.

And just to be clear, my guess is that the issue has nothing to do with unicode, but rather you think “pointer” is some type of image but it’s not, so it doesn’t understand your command (it would be telling your car to fly, it has no idea how to do that).

(Maybe in the builder you should have put $pointer instead of “pointer” ? )

Sorry but it seems that even though I was making the mistake of not calling the pointers by their spreadsheet name, pointers are still being seen not as I want them. For example: I need a column of five pointers like these:

But when I do that in the spreadsheet it would only write them horizontally (→→→→→). So I format the cell to display the text vertically. But when the program runs it displays them horizontally. Is there a way to format this so that the text is displayed vertically instead of horizontally.


Can I transpose them? If so, how?


You can rotate an entire piece of text by setting the orientation of the stimulus. For text component that might be in the Advanced parameters because it isn’t often needed. If you need to rotate just the characters but not the whole stimulus then you won’t be able to, I’m afraid.

Thank you! That fixed it. Though I tried to use images for this but I needed to use multiple images. So that is another task that I’ll have to figure out. Because what if I want to use a different image for each condition? How will image object find the path for each image in the same folder?
I’ll look that up later.

Thank you very much!

Juan Concepcion