Change the display size of a video so that the experiment does not freeze

I saw here that in order to run the experiment smoothly when it gets stuck due to heavy videos, you need to convert the size of the video to the size I want it to be displayed on the screen, but if my standards are “norms” how do I know what size to convert the video to?


do you want to run the experiment online? Well, then you don’t know the screen-size in advance, you could scale stimuli using the credit card scaling procedure by @wakecarter but that wouldn’t help. So, don’t know the video size in advance. You could prepare various versions of your video and load the one that fits to the screen-size of your participant’s monitor.

Still, this might not prevent that the video will stuck because you don’t know how powerful the computer/tablet will be on which your experiment runs. So, the video size might fit but the device is still not powerful enough to run the video without problems.

I suggest to reduce the video size, if possible, and load the video at non time-critical moments in the experiment.

I assume that you have read this part of the documentation

Best wishes Jens