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Change position of RatingScale accept button

Hi everyone,

I’m stuck with the rating scale in Coder because my text choices on the scale take too much space and go over the accept button. I want to preserve this accept button but change it position independently of the scale…

So, is there a way to change the position of the accept button only?

Thank you in advance!!
Have a nice day,


Hi, I’ve moved your question to this new topic. Please create new topics for new questions, instead of amending existing ones. Thanks!

If you create your rating scale in code, you can then set the screen position of the accept button by directly setting the position of the two visual elements. I think it will work to do so right after creating the scale:

rs = visual.RatingScale(....)  # your code here, not ....
rs.accept.pos = (x, y)  # = the new position
rs.acceptBox.pos = (x, y)

Hi Jeremy, Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately I realised that an horizontal scale would be a bias in my experiment, so my new problematic is to verticalise the rating scale. Maybe this topic has already been handle in psychopy discourse.

@richard may have some ideas for a vertical scale

Thanks Jeremy, this is now being addressed at