Change port address for parallel out

I want to send out pulses via a parallel port to trigger a TMS pulse. The cable is connected to LPT1 which is mapped to the internal addres 0XD050. I have tried in a different software (Presentation) and am able to trigger TMS pulses there using their port output function

I have now been trying to do the same in Psychopy by adding a parallel out component to my routine. My problem is that my LPT1 address does not appear in the drop down menu of available options. How can can I change the port address to 0XD050 in Psychopy?

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just to let you know that I have now solved this. In case someone else has this problem

  1. If the address of your parallel port is not in the drop-down menu, you can add it in the preferences (File => Preferences => Hardware)
  2. the next problem I encountered was that Psychopy complained about a missing parallel port driver. This can be fixed by installing one from the source mentioned in the thread below

Nice to have solved something at the end of a long day :slight_smile:

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