Change color of Slider marker

URL of experiment: In general.

Description of the problem: Is there any way to change the color of the Slider marker circle from Red to anything else?

Hi @huppfi, you could change the appearance settings in the slider componenet dialog to "white on “black”. Alternatively, in a code component.:

slider.marker.color = 'green'

The problem is that my background is white so I need the circle to be black or grey.

Also the code does not seem to work in an Online Study.

Hello there,
Did you find a solution in the end? I can’t find any way to make the tick/answer visible on my slider. The four possible circles/answers always show up white online, only the labels change colour, and still no visible marker for the selected answer.
I also saw that it was an issue with the “Force end of routine”, but I would like to keep that option.
Does anyone have the solution to this?

Does anyone have a solution for how to do this online? so far, selecting ‘triangle marker’ seems to work because it is red by default so shows up on a white background.

Hi @haaleemur, see this post that will work for at least version 2020.2.2 & 2020.2.3 to change slider marker color online.

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