Can't purchase credits

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Description of the problem: I am trying to purchase credits for my student’s study, Each time I go to the store and fill in my information, I do not see where I can put in my credit card information. My student is able to see this information on her screen. She has granted me maintainer and owner status. I’m not sure what else to do to be able to provide my credit card information to purchase the credits that we need. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello @jlwoodard,

May I ask you whether you have an account on pavlovia? You won’t be able to purchase credits otherwise.

I just logged in as your student, navigated to the credit page and could enter card detail without issue, as per the image below.

Are you trying to buy credits for yourself and then transfer them to your student? As long as both your email addresses fall within the same domain ( in your case), you should be able to do so, from the Credits tab of your dashboard, using the [Share credits] button.

Let me know if that helps!


Hello @apitiot,
Thank you so much for your reply and sorry for the delay in responding. I do have a Pavlovia account and can get to the page that resembles your screenshot, except, I am never given a field for my card number. So, no matter what I do, it seems that I can’t purchase credits. I am also Owner and maintainer of my student’s account. She can see the credit card number field when she logs in, as you were able to do when you logged in as her. She doesn’t have a credit card though, so I do need to have some way to purchase credits in my account securely and transfer them to her as you mentioned. I’m wondering if there is still something I am doing wrong that accounts for why the card number field won’t show up? I managed to approximate where the field might be, but I was prevented from putting in numbers. The numbers just can’t be entered.

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This is truly surprising. Could I ask you to try again from a different browser, e.g. Google Chrome or Firefox? If those do not let you pay either, could you, on either of them, press the F12 key to bring up the Developer Tools (or Ctrl+Shift+I) and check on the console whether there is any error message?


Thank you so much, again, Alain! Your suggestion of switching to Chrome to purchase the credits worked perfectly! I have been running into more limitations in Safari recently, so I will be sure to use Chrome on Many thanks again! Credits have been purchased, and will now work on sharing the credits with my student. All the best, John