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Can't progress to next routine in online study

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: My experiment seems to be freezing at different time points.

Initially I was able to get halfway through the 9th routine before the experiment froze.
After making some unrelated changes to a slider earlier on in the flow, I was then unable to get past the 4th routine (the spacebar to continue did nothing).
And now after finalising the changes to the slider, I’m unable to get past the 2nd routine.

I’m not receiving any errors so I’m struggling to understand what’s causing these crashes.

The error in your second routine is this:

thisKey = Continue_Ex.getKeys({keyList: [], waitRelease: false});

I haven’t yet got the new keyboard class working online for me.

Thanks @wakecarter
I added that code in three of my routines as I wanted to make sure participants couldn’t progress without making a response but I’ve temporarily removed it from all routines.

However the experiment still freezes halfway through the first of 4 experimental blocks.
In your experience is this likely to be due to a code component? As the only other code components I have are right at the end of the study.

Thank you for your help.

In my experience, five things cause problems:

Resources (movies, images, sounds) which are either too big, can’t be found or aren’t in the html/resources folder.

Components which don’t work online, such as voice keys, forms and rating scales.

Memory leakage errors due to objects being updated every frame.

Code translation errors.

Code being entering into component parameters (where it doesn’t get translated).

All fixed, thank you!