Can't install Psychopy in PyCharm

I’m trying to install the psychopy package in Pycharm using the integrated “Python Packages” tab.

The installation takes around 10minutes, and everytime, I get this error message at the end : Can’t install psycopy version …
Conflicting dependencies

How can I resolve this issue ??

Thanks !

I recently did a re-install, had some issues too. Took awhile to get the dependencies right. For Windows, I had other C# dependencies issues.

Might want to check if your Python version is Python 3.6 (see Installation).

Perfect I’ll try that ! I had python 3.9 installed and used as interpreter in pycharm, I’ll try with 3.6 ! Just to be sure, to install psychopy from pycharm I just have to run “pip3 install psychopy” in the pycharm terminal ? (Sorry I’m completely ignorant in coding, this my first attempt in coding something myself)

Yea, pip3 install psychopy or pip install psychopy. You may or may not get other dependencies issues. Got to try.

Got it resolved ! For some reason, when the interpreter was set to Python 3.9, I had the conflicting dependencies problem. But when I changed the interpreter to Python 3.8, problem solved !