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Cannot move/connect experiment to the main account (Experiment disappears in Dashboard)

Description of the problem:

Dear researches, as a lab, we all decided to use PsychoPy for online experiments. Each individual synced their Pavlovia accounts with subgroups that are created for each individual under the main account. And then, we bought some credits to run experiments online from the main account.

We have some problems regarding running studies online and how the other members of our lab can access the experiment that is uploaded to other’s subgroups.

When one of the lab members pushes an experiment on his/her subgroup (under the main one), the other members can see on GitLab but not on Dashboard. So to be more specific, when I want other researches to pilot, the experiment that I am working on is not possible because they cannot see my experiment on their Dashboard (but they can see on GitLab). For some members, whenever the experiment is moved/connected to our main account, it disappears from the Pavlovia account, although it can be seen on GitLab. How is that possible?

I would be grateful If someone experienced the same problem and has a solution.

Many thanks!

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