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Cannot fork experiment


This is my project: ShiftingTray [PsychoPy]
I would like to add an audio recording component to it that is now available in the new version but I’m worried this version change (and adding a new component) may cause issues in the original experiment. I need to keep it as it is since we are collecting data at the moment.
So I wanted to fork and clone the experiment to try these changes on a safe copy. However, when I press fork, it doesn’t do anything… It reloads the same page again with the same project ID. I can’t figure out why and appreciate any help.
Many thanks!

To fork your own experiment you have to fork it to a group (and then fork from the group back to your own space if you want it there).

Alternatively make a parallel experiment by copying the psyexp file and resources to a clean folder locally.

Thank you wakecarter, I think I will go with the second option for now.
As for the first comment though, my colleagues also have their own experiments and they seem to fork it no problem by just pressing the button. I thought this could have something to do with my settings. I’ll look into what it means to fork to a group.