Can we connect Apple Watch to psychopy experiment


I would like to connect Apple Watch to psychopy to get the heartrate value. Is there a way to get the heartrate from Apple Watch to psychopy?

Thanks in Advance

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That’s almost certainly impossible to do directly and in real time. Apple takes user privacy very seriously and their HealthKit API won’t just transmit health data wirelessly to some random request from a program on an arbitrary system.

If you wanted to interface with PsychoPy in real time, you’d probably need to get someone to write a custom iOS (or macOS?) app that would need to be installed on a device trusted by the Apple Watch. That app should then be able to, say, transmit the heart rate data wirelessly to some custom code within a PsychoPy experiment.

If you look online, you’ll see a few Python scripts for analysing Apple heart rate data, but that is all offline analysis of data that has been exported to a file by a health app. You aren’t going to be able to analyse realtime data without an intervening iOS app to broadcast it to Python for you.

The line of least resistance is probably just to use lab equipment that is designed to do this sort of thing, like Biopac: