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Can I compare code in two coder windows on one screen?

I have four versions of the same test and three of the four work. Using Builder I have recreated the experiment several times, but version “A” still does not work. I would like to have two coder windows open side by side so I can look at every line of code to find my mistake. Is there any way to do this in PsychoPy?

I appreciate the fact that under normal circumstances PsychoPy only has one experiment open at a time, but to help with trouble shooting, in this case I would like to see code from two experiments at once. Is there a way to do this?

Use the right software for the task. A specialised text editor will allow you to do a “diff” between two files and highlight the differences for you. Free text editors with this capability exist on all platforms.

So you mean something like installing Github’s Atom and comparing files like this:

Thanks so much!