Button component registers a click when cursor hovers over it

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Hi, I am using version 2021.2.3. on Win10. I have used the Builder to create the experiment that I am planning to use online on pavlovia. Recently, I have added buttons to each screen to be able to progress from one routine to the next. In three instances buttons work correctly, ending the routine on click. But… buttons on the last two screens end the routine when the cursor hovers over them.

I have noticed that once the experiment is running, all works correctly on the first run. But on all the consecutive runs, the buttons start to behave the way I described it…

I have double and triple-checked what the issue might be and unfortunately I can’t find the solution. I would be really grateful for any help with this.

Many thanks,

Hi Ula,

In general I would advise against using button components for online studies online at the moment, instead using clickable images. While they are not in beta mode locally they are online (which is why the beta sticker is going back on until things are smoothed out).

Sorry about that,

Hi Becca,

Thank you so much for your quick reply. I did suspect it might be some sort of a bug in the Button component but I did not think of using clickable images instead! This is such a simple solution so thank you very much for pointing it out.

Many thanks, Ula