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Builder uses only specific images

Hi everyone,

I am using PsychoPy for the first time, so I am sorry if my question is a bit dumb. I really tried to find the solution in any way possible before posting here.

My issue is the following: I am doing a Go/No-Go task using the Builder which basically means a white rectangle appears on the screen followed by a colored rectangle. The rectangle is supposed to be vertical or horizontal.
I created an excel file with a variable ‘white rectangle’ (which includes images of horizontal as well as vertical rectangles) and the same with ‘colored rectangles’.

Everything works fine except that the rectangles are only vertical. I tried changing the size or the orientation, but changing the size obviously just makes it bigger or smaller and I can’t get the orientation to change at all.

Is it wrong to put all the rectangles in one column? Should I separate the horizontal and the vertical ones?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Hi Sinje,

It’s a bit difficult to know exactly what you are trying to achieve. Please describe a little more precisely what you want to do and how you are currently doing it (e.g. show us what settings you have in your image component(s) and show us a few rows of your actual conditions file).

Hi Michael,

thank you for your reply!

My experiment consists of 5 different trials. In each trial the participants sees a fixation cross, followed by a white rectangle and then a colored rectangle (blue or green). The trials only differ in the time the white rectangle is shown. The participant is then supposed to react to the colored rectangle (either ignore the blue one or press the spacebar when the green one appears).

My issue is that the rectangle is supposed to be either vertical or horizontal and it does not do that. I only get horizontal rectangles (both white and colored ones).

I have a conditions file with a variable called “whiteRectangle” where I included both vertical and horizontal ones in the form of a jpg file. And the same for the “coloredRectangle” variable.

In the builder I created image stimuli and included both of the variables in the correct place. Then I set them on “set every repeat”, so I thought every time the loop started again, it would pick one of those images in the variable (from the excel file). Thus, it should be randomly picked if it’s either horizontal or vertical right?

I will add a picture of one of the settings and a picture of my conditions file. Maybe that helps…

Please explain your loop structure. We can’t tell at the moment where your conditions file is sued (the inner of the outer loop(s)?

Also we can’t actually read the content of your conditions file because things are truncated. For a whole number of reasons, you should avoid using full absolute paths (i.e. starting ‘C:’) to your files and use short paths relative to where your experiment file is (e.g. if you have a subfolder next to it called images, then use something like images/image01.jpg).

Remember that in your analysis, this variable will also be what you use to decide whether the image was vertical or horizontal, and this massive path will be clumsy for that.

Lastly, you don’t actually need to use different images. You could instead have a variable to control the orientation a single rectangle image (e.g. 0 or 90 degrees). Again, this would make your analysis much easier.