Builder Experiment working locally (PsychoPy) but does not display grating stimuli online

See Shin'ya Nishida / basicExperimentTestMitchell · GitLab

I have created a simple experiment to test things out. In the experiment a grating stimuli is presented. The Phase (in cycles) is set to phaseVariable, which is defined in Python at “Begin Routine” as: phaseVariable = random.random()* and for the JS version I use phaseVariable = Math.random();

Furthermore, I log the phaseVariable at “end Routine”.

When running locally everything works as expected. The grating shows each trial and the phaseVariable is correctly logged. However, when running it on Pavlovia the grating stimuli does not display. Everything else (text, key responses, timing, data logging) works as expected.

There are no errors logged in the browser console.

Why is the grating stimuli not showing? How can I display it correctly?

* I import the random package only in the Python version. In the JS version I use the standard Math package instead

Hi Mjpvz,
As you may already know, not all Builder components are currently supported online. I recommend you refer to this website, which will tell you which components are supported online. Notably, the grating stimulus component is currently not supported online.

Website: Status of online options — PsychoPy v2021.2.4