BrainProducts: recording EEG triggers

Hi all from an extreme BEGINNER :sweat:,
I’ll be doing a MMN (Mismatch Negativity) experiment in which silent short videos are accompanied by sequences of auditory stimuli interrupted by odd/deviant sounds.

This is my first experiment using PsychoPy and I’ve noticed that to add EEG triggers, one needs to code it and I’m a novice coder!!

So, any advice on where to start? Where the code should be, is it correct as seen in the photo attached :point_down:?

In the lab, I have to use BrainProducts hardware and software but never have a clue on how record the triggers and send them to BrainVision recorder!

I appreciate any answer and help.

Hardware wise, how are you connecting the computer running PsychoPy to the Brain Products amplifier?

You might want to consider Cedrus’ c-pod or StimTracker products. The pyxid2 library needed to communicate with them ships with PsychoPy.

Hi from a different lab.
I have a similar issue. Our computer and the BrianProduct amplifier is connected with a parallel port, and our script is created using a mix of builder and coder.
I have looked at this BrainProducts — PsychoPy v2021.2.4 but I am unsure how and where to add parts of this code to our script. Does it go before the start of the routines, or even earlier - above the information about the experiment session?
This is the first time I run an EEG study, and at the moment we don’t have any tech support in the lab, so there’s been a lot of trying and failing lately.
Hope someone can help me!


You will need a custom cable. It will have a DB25 connector on the parallel port side. On the other side, it’s either a DB9 for actiCHamp or a HD DB26.

Of you can buy a ready-to-go c-pod for Brain Products. It connects to the computer’s USB port.

Thank you very much. I found that we have a c-pod in a cupboard, so I’m trying that now.

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Actually, this reply Adding EEG triggers to experiment - #4 by Michael was really helpful! Hope it works for you too, @Abdulogist

Thanks a lot @ingeborg.ribu … I’ll give it another look