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Binary noise stimulus in PsychoPy 2 (v1.83.04)

Hi all,

In PyschoPy 3 I generate Binary noise patterns (see attached image) using NoiseStim. I would like to do the same in psychopy 2 but it seems like this version doesn’t implement any noise generator object in the builder. Anybody knows how can I do it from the coder?

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello :slight_smile:
I am trying to generate a binary noise pattern (square), exactly like the picture you posted!
May I ask how you created this in PsychoPy 3? I’m trying to do it for 2 hours straight but because I’m complete new to PsychoPy, I find it very difficult to get things running as I want them…
Any help is appreciated ! :slight_smile: