Basic questions about resource manager

Hello everyone,
I have some questions concerning the resource manager component (version 2022.2.4). I haven’t found the answers in the documentation or in the forum so maybe others are having the same questions:

  1. If I already loaded images during a previous routine, do I still have to select “set during routine_name.ISI_name” instead of “constant” in my image component in a later routine?
  2. Have I understood correctly, that I have to delete every resource in my “additional resources” in my settings?
  3. If the very first thing I want to do with my experiment is to show an image (which I obviously have to download somehow), is the best way to do that to set a short static component at the beginning of that first routine?
  4. Do you have a recommendation about the time period that I need for my static components (~ .1 second per image?) or would you recommend trial and error to see how long they have to be?

Thank you very much in advance! As it’s a new feature and not that many forum posts exist yet, I’m still a bit unsure of how to use the resource manager the best way.

I was able to use the resource manager, here’s what I experienced:

  1. I did not end up using a static component yet, but I figured setting image components as “set every repeat” instead of “constant” worked (but maybe that’s not because of the resource manager - still, for me, it worked that way).
  2. I deleted all my “additional resources”, and everything still worked fine.
  3. I didn’t need a static component because I set a routine to load the first images before the first “real” routine with a text to wait a couple of seconds but the routine is not visible because the images are loaded that fast.
  4. That one I still don’t know. Actually I may have to use a static component at one point because the images are not loaded fast enough.