Automatic loading of a plugin when starting PsychoPy Builder fails

Hello all,

we have come across a problem with the automatic integration of a plugin we developed for psychopy (you can find the package psychopy-bids on

In this package we implemented a routine and a component for the Psychopy Builder, which we would now like to include automatically when starting the Builder.

Unfortunately, this does not work and the plugin is only detected after we run the plugins.scanPlugins() function. We tried to load the plugin automatically by using psychopy.preferences and also with adding the name to “File” > “Preferences” > “General” > “startUpPlugins”.

Did we forget anything when implementing the code? I also attached a small Builder-Experiment where I check if the plugin can be added manually.

plugin_test.psyexp (13.4 KB)


Plugin support is incomplete, not officially supported and is still under development at this time. Official plugin support wont be available until the next major release. It’s unlikely we can get any of this stuff working until then since the plugin spec may change.

  • mdc

This is great though - it gives us a demo plugin for us to work with. We’ll have a play and see what extra stuff is needed for this to work cleanly.

But what you’re doing looks like exactly what we’re thinking about so this is brilliant!

Thanks for your quick replies, I was afraid it might not be quite ready yet.

I think the idea of the plugin system is pretty awesome. If I can be of assistance in any way, I will be happy to offer my help.